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2023 Affordability Action Plan

As part of the Affordability Action Plan, millions of Albertans struggling with inflation and the high cost of living can apply for the Affordability Payments program until June 30, 2023

Who is eligible?

Seniors 65+

Seniors 65 and older can apply to get $600.

Families with Children

Families can apply for $600 per child under 18.

Albertans on core supports

AISH, PDD, Income Support and Seniors Benefit clients automatically get $600.

Do I need to apply?

The following are eligible but must apply:

  • Seniors with a household incomes under $180,000 can apply for $600 per person.

  • Families with household incomes under $180,000 can apply for $600 per child under 18.

Albertans receiving core benefits or supports will automatically receive $600 per person, no application required.

  • AISH

  • Income Support

  • Alberta Seniors benefit

  • Persons with Developmental Disability services

  • Family and kinship caregivers of children under 18

NOTE:  You will need to apply for additional payments if you have kids under 18.

How to apply

The button above will take you to the Government of Alberta's Affordability Application Portal. On this page  you will see an outline of who is eligible. If you scroll down you will see how to apply and link buttons to create your online application.


If you don't have a computer or require in-person support you can complete your application with a Registry Agent  or at an Alberta Supports Centre. No appointment is necessary with a Registry Agent however be sure to check their hours as the application could take a bit of time to complete. You WILL require an appointment at an Alberta Supports Centre, you can call them at  1-877-644-9992.

For in-person applications you will need to bring your:

  • Driver's License or Legal Photo Identification

  • SIN Number

  • Banking/Direct Deposit Information

More information can be found on the program's FAQ/Help page >> CLICK HERE


If you have questions or concerns you can call the Affordability Action Plan Information line at 1-844-644-9955


Fraudulent texts are circulating asking Albertans to submit banking information to receive their affordability payments. Be vigilant about potential scammers.

The Government of Alberta will never send emails or texts asking for this kind of information.


The only way to apply for affordability payments is by going online at or in person to an Alberta Registry or Alberta Supports Centre!

If you have fallen victim to a scammer and provided your banking or personal information be sure to contact the police as well as your financial institution(s).


Report suspicious messages to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or HERE through the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


If you or someone you know is struggling with the cost of living but is not eligible for this program click the link button below. We've created a page that outlines other avenues for seeking financial aid including for utilities.

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